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Our Founder's Journey of Healing and Hope

Helena, our lead coach, stood at the crossroads of her own life, grappling with the aftermath of infidelity. As a therapist, she had witnessed the pain and devastation that accompanied this betrayal countless times, but she never imagined it would happen to her. In that moment, her world shattered, and she found herself on a journey she never anticipated.
Amidst the chaos, she embarked on a path of self-discovery and healing, determined to find a way to rebuild what was broken. It was during this deeply personal journey that the seeds of Renewal From Betrayal Coaching were sown. She realized that her experience, combined with her professional knowledge as a therapist, held the potential to guide others through the darkness and towards the light of renewal.

Our coaching practice was born from the desire to provide a beacon of hope to couples who had experienced the trauma of infidelity. Helena knew firsthand the pain, the questions, and the doubts that plagued their hearts. She wanted to offer a space where they could find understanding, support, and a roadmap to healing.

Inspired by her own transformation, she underwent rigorous training, becoming certified as an infidelity recovery coach, a positive psychology coach, and a mental health coach. Armed with these specialized skills and her personal journey as a foundation, she set out to create a coaching program that would empower couples to repair, recover, and reconnect.

Each day, Helena is honored to witness the resilience and courage of the couples she works with. She holds their stories sacred, providing a safe space for them to explore their emotions, confront their fears, and embrace the possibility of renewal. She draws upon evidence-based techniques, tailoring her approach to the unique needs of each couple and ensuring that they receive the guidance and tools that will empower their journey to uncover the potential for growth, rekindle the flames of love, and forge a future filled with joy, connection, and a love that withstands the tests of time.

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“There is Always a Chance for a New Beginning.” – Catherine Depasquale

Ready to embark on a journey of healing and renewal? We believe in the power of second chances, the resilience of love, and the transformative potential within each relationship. If you're ready to take the first step towards rebuilding trust, restoring love, and embracing a bright future, we're here to guide you every step of the way.

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